About Us


  • We are the first affiliated CrossFit in South Malaysia, Johor.
  • We ought to bring in the experience of CrossFit Community to Johor.
  • We are a passionate and dedicated community that believes fitness and good health lead to a greater living, be it for sports, hobbies, family or just plain fun.

High level of fitness concept

Our program stimulates and delivers a high level of fitness concept that is broad, inclusive and dynamic.

Functional Movements

Focus on improving functional movements that are vital and necessary in everyone’s daily activities.

A Life changing fitness program that unleash your full and ultimate physical potential!


Feel the SORE today or feel SORRY tomorrow!


Why Choose Us?

  • At Armadas, everyone is part of the family.
  • Our passionate and qualified coaches are always approachable to inspire and motivate you in accomplishing your goals with close attention as well as to ensure your individual goals are met and achieved.
  • We welcome everyone and anyone to be part of the big family, and transform into a better you!
Gym 95%
Yoga 90%
Body Building 95%
Swimming 80%
Happiness 100%

When we talk about family, we ASSURE no one will be left behind!


Experience our awesome and incredible WOD with the free trial session.

Meet Our Coaches

Wee Gan

Head Coach